Monthly Archives: November 2016

Playing Catch Up

Like I said in the new welcome message, it has been so long since I have written anything, but I think the best way to tackle all the new stuff is to start from today and then look back.

Currently, Jess and I are living together in Columbus with our rescue dog, Moka.

Moka watching me work

Moka watching me work

She is working on finishing up her 4th year of medical school and I working on finishing my Master’s of Public Health. (Currently procrastinating by writing this!) Outside of moving and both of us getting new cars, not a whole lot has changed yet…

The biggest change is actually just about to occur with Jess being 8 months pregnant!

Knowing that I will soon be a father has been a source of a lot of introspection and anxiety. I have been reading books and watching videos and praying for guidance. I hope that all of that reading and thinking will be a constant source of material to keep this place updated on my walk with Christ and my relationship with my daughter and wife.

I have a lot more thoughts on the back burner to write about, but I need to get working on some papers before the end of the semester so I hope this holds you over for a little while!

Posting Again!

Hi all!

It has been such a long time since I have written anything and I really wanted to start writing again. I am hoping to start reflecting on some reading I am doing and catch everyone up on my life. Trust me when I say that since it has been 2 years since my last post, a whole lot has changed.

Please keep reading below this to see any updates I have posted and stay tuned for more writing and page updates.