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Resolution Time

Here I am over a week after our fast has ended and I’m bordering on breaking one of the resolutions that I spent so much time mulling over!

Now you might be saying, “Hey man, it’s February! You missed resolution picking by 30-some days.” You might be technically correct. However, knowing that January 17th is historically the point at which most people give up on their resolutions I decided to not even start mine until after that.

So here goes – The resolutions I planned while on my fast:

    1. Blog Related Goals
      • Write a blog post every week. (starting this week)
      • Redesign this site to be more reflective of the content and more reader friendly.
      • I also want to get my readership up to 500 followers. Why 500 you say? Because I think I can do that in the next year.
    2. Personal Goals
      • Stick to a monthly zero based budget. Spending within my means, Saving a lot, etc.
      • Lose weight. Isn’t this always on the list? I think I can lose about 15-20% of my body weight so that is what I am committing to.
      • Clean up and consolidate everything I own. Living minimally is my new mantra.
    3. Hobby Goals
      • Program an app/webpage. This one has been hovering over me for a while and I think I know what I will be writing. Luckily it goes well with the class I am teaching.
      • Learn the 25 most used chords on guitar and piano. Play 3 songs on each.
      • Read 2 books a month. I have my entire library (Yes, I have that many books!) in a list already on the organization website I use. I just need to put them in some sort of order of how I want to read them.
      • Complete a Half Ironman and possibly a marathon. I almost did a Half Iron once and this is the year I am going to succeed.

And last, but certainly not least

    1. Spiritual and Relationship Goals
      • Spend time reading the Bible every day. Maybe 10 minutes, maybe an hour. I’m not shooting to speed read through it, but at least a couple chapters a day.
      • Tithe! Almost every Sunday I get to church and realize that I never stopped at the ATM. This is the year I change that.
      • Practice regular prayer. I don’t spend enough time thanking God for everything I am blessed with.
      • Work on being a leader for my (soon-to-be) wife and a role model for all those around me.
      • Start fostering friendships with other men so that I can learn how they treat their wives, how they do their jobs, and how they live their lives. Plus, I need more accountability in my life.

So there they are, all the goals I see fit to post on here. I know I can’t measure all of them so that makes my “successfulness” metric pretty subjective. But, if nothing else, I have a goal to keep my eyes on. I’m hoping you all will help me stick to them and that I will be able to post positive updates on them soon.

Now an update on the fast –

I find it amazing how clean I felt the days near the end and right after the fast. We did not spend as much time reading our devotional or praying as I would have liked, but I still spent a lot of time in thoughtful introspection. I may not have been speaking to God, but he was speaking to me. Through the time spent preparing my meals to the quiet time I spent before getting ready to start my day or going to bed.

As you can see in the list of goals above I found a lot of things that I can improve on and I plan to do just that this year. My fast directed me and focused me better than I have been in a long time. Already this year I have started working on many of my goals, not the least of which is feeling the presence of the Lord in my daily life and I couldn’t be happier.

I hope you are off to a great start to your resolutions for the year and I hope you will share this post and blog with your friends.